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About Greece

Discover Greece from the water!

Good weather and plenty of room to enjoy the most beautiful places. We will be sailing on the Ionian Sea from Corfu, to the beautiful idyllic island south of Corfu and to Paxos west to the Greek mainland. Corfu is one of the most beautiful daughters of the Mediterranean Sea and the northernmost of the Ionian Islands. Sand and pebble beaches, smooth cut white rocks and coves along flowery gardens frame the island, but also rugged steep banks and tree-covered cliffs. Many inlets can only be reached by boat. Ideal for a sailing holiday!

When you arrive by plane, one thing is very clear: Corfu is magnificent. Seen from the sky,
the island seems to be a dense green carpet in which villages are woven over and over again. The Sun is shining abundantly on Corfu. The number of hours of sunshine per year average 2550, most in the period May-September. The soft Mediterranean climate ensures an average temperature of 18 degrees. From April to October, the temperature of the water is high enough to swim and because of the large rainfall in the winter the plant growth so exuberant. The rains usually end up early in April. Then begins the most beautiful time of the year, the spring.

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